A left hand tool on a lathe cuts most efficiently when it travels

A. From left to right end of the lathe bed

B. From right to left end of the lathe bed

C. With the help of a compound slide

D. Across the bed

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  1. The method of centre less grinding used to produce taper is
  2. If the helix angle of the drill is made _________ 30°, then the torque required to drive the drill…
  3. The factor which affects the tool life is
  4. The tool may fail due to
  5. Crater wear is mainly due to the phenomenon known as
  6. In electro discharge machining, tool is made of
  7. While current is shut down in the welding circuit, what kind of voltage exists between the output terminals…
  8. Which of the following statement is correct about nose radius?
  9. For machining a cast iron workpiece by a high speed steel tool, the average cutting speed is
  10. The different spindle speeds on a lathe form
  11. The strength of a brazed joint
  12. The type of reamer used for reaming operation in a blind hole, is
  13. The increase in depth of cut and feed rate __________ surface finish.
  14. What is the type of welding defect is caused due to stresses on heating and cooling called?
  15. In centreless grinding, work place centre will be
  16. If a gas metal arc process uses a low arc voltage and the arc is continuously interrupted as the molten…
  17. Cast iron during machining produces
  18. In reaming process
  19. In DC arc welding, if leads are arranged in work as Negative pole of the welding arc and electrode as…
  20. The cutting force in up milling __________ per tooth movement of the cutter.
  21. A grinding wheel is said to be of _________ if the abrasive grains can be easily dislodged.
  22. A drill considered as a cutting tool having zero rake, is known as a
  23. In drilling operation, the metal is removed by
  24. The cutting speed for drilling aluminium, brass and bronze with carbon steel drills is _________ cutting…
  25. The cutting fluid mostly used for machining steel is
  26. Which of the following is the correct data structure for solid models?
  27. In orthogonal turning of a low carbon steel bar of diameter 150 mm with uncoated carbide tool, the cutting…
  28. A better machinable metal is one which gives
  29. Buffing wheels are made of
  30. Drilling is an example of