A material is capable of resisting softening at high temperature, because of its property termed as

A. Hot temper

B. Hot hardness

C. Fatigue

D. Creep

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  1. Nickel is a __________ material.
  2. __________ is the trade name assigned to a nonferrous cast alloy composed of cobalt, chromium & tungsten.
  3. Dephosphorization of molten pig iron is favoured by
  4. Multistage compression of air as compared to single stage compression offers the advantage of
  5. Milk is fat dispersed in water. It is an example of
  6. Hardening of steel is not possible, unless it is heated __________ critical point.
  7. Alloy powder manufactured by the following process have spherical shapes.
  8. Tempering of a material does not improve its
  9. Electrometallurgical methods of metal extraction is normally used for those metals
  10. Preheating before welding is done to
  11. Air/fuel ratio on molar (volume) basis for combustion of methane with theoretical quantity of air with…
  12. Sacrificial anode method is used in the protection of pipelines which are buried underground. Sacrificial…
  13. Satellites burn off during re-entry to earth's atmosphere, because of the
  14. The fugacity of liquid water at 298 K is approximately 3171 Pa. Considering the ideal heat of vaporisation…
  15. Blasting of tri-nitro-toluene (TNT) is done by mixing it with ammonium
  16. A form of stress corrosion failure termed as 'season cracking' is generally observed in
  17. Which of the following is not a characteristic observed in material failure by fatigue fracture?
  18. The most detrimental impurity in high pressure boiler feed water is
  19. __________ is not used as the control rod material in a nuclear reactor.
  20. Enzymes belong to the category of
  21. Oxide layer formed on the non-ferrous metal surface after its annealing is
  22. Volume of blast furnace slag is about __________ times the volume of hot metal (pig iron) of the same…
  23. Unit of surface tension in S.I. unit is
  24. During decarburising of a plain carbon steel, the thickness of ferrite layer growth is proportional…
  25. The specific gravity of coal depends mainly on its __________ content.
  26. Optical activity is a/an __________ property.
  27. Aluminium is extracted from
  28. With increase in compression ratio, the volumetric efficiency of air compressor
  29. Minimum safe distance between two liquid fuel storage tanks is equal to (where, H = height of the tank)
  30. The best guide to judge the general quality of water is the measurement of its