A maximin strategy:

A. Maximizes the minimum gain that can be earned

B. Maximizes the gain of one player, but minimizes the gain of the opponent

C. Minimizes the maximum gain that can be earned

D. None of the above

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  1. The cost of one thing in terms of the alternative given up is known as:
  2. The falling part of total Utility (TU) curve shows:
  3. Price-taker firms:
  4. The monopolist firm is price setter. The price setter firm is one which:
  5. The income effect means that consumer purchase more when:
  6. In cournot model firms:
  7. In monopolistic competition (also in kinked demand curve model), a firm sells the amount where:
  8. The short run cost curve is U shaped because of:
  9. If a consumer buys a product that costs Rs.3 and provides an additional 18 units of satisfaction, then…
  10. The long run total cost is attained by:
  11. The water diamond paradox was firstly resolved with the help of:
  12. The alternative of profit maximization theory is:
  13. An income demand curve of an inferior good is:
  14. Under monopolistic competition, in long-run there is:
  15. In a socialist (communist) economy the invisible hand:
  16. Normal profits are considered as:
  17. In case of income effect, the level of consumers satisfaction rises when:
  18. Technological Progress (Invention) can be defined as:
  19. The nominal income of a consumer is income in terms of:
  20. According to Smith, by value we mean the value with respect to use, and the price we mean the value…
  21. Total variable cost curve:
  22. Now-a-days in real life, we are unable to fined:
  23. Labor theory was firstly rejected by:
  24. When the level of optimal factor combination is over and more labor is employed with the fixed plant,…
  25. AR curve under perfect competition:
  26. In perfect cartel, the:
  27. Which is not a central problem of an economy?
  28. In cournot model, at equuilibrium when MC = MR, the elasticity of demand is:
  29. Demand of a commodity is elastic when:
  30. If a straight line supply curve makes an intercept on the X-axis, the elasticity of supply is: