A piece of ice is Boating In water kept in a beaker. When all the ice melts the level of water will

A. first rise and then fall

B. fall

C. remain the same

D. rise

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  1. A heavenly body similar in nature to the sun intensely hot glowing mass that produces its energy by…
  2. Commonly used safety fuse wire is made of
  3. The force that keeps a body in a circular motion la called
  4. The stem of a vibrating tuning fork is pressed against a sound box. Then
  5. In a river, the currents are fastest where the river la
  6. The line on earth's surface passing through the places having zero dip is called the magnetic equator.…
  7. When a ship floats on water, the weight or water displaced is
  8. We see the flash of lightning before hearing the thunder because
  9. Besides protons, the nucleus of an atom contains
  10. A photon is
  11. The presence of impurities
  12. X-rays are used
  13. When an electric bulb breaks, there la an explosive sound. That is due to
  14. In very cold countries alcohol is used as a thermometric liquid because
  15. A spherical mirror is
  16. Of the following types of electromagnetic radiation which has the longest wavelength?
  17. The first Indian Satellite launched from a Russian Cosmodrome on April 16, 1975 was named
  18. The world's first artificial satellite Sputnik I was launched by Russia in
  19. When a satellite la In a geostationary orbit the force keeping it in orbit Is
  20. Separating particles from a suspension is effected by
  21. Credit for starting Space Science Research in India goes to
  22. A boat loaded with rocks floats in the middle of a swimming pool. A man in the boat throws the rocks…
  23. If a body is taken from the earth to the moon
  24. The asteroids belt lies between the orbits of
  25. Alpha particles are
  26. The maximum range of most TV signals is from 121 to 240 km only because
  27. The rate of cooling of a hot body depends on
  28. Bats flying in the dark avoid obstacles because
  29. Photocells are used
  30. The red colour of the setting sun is due to