A Pixel is

A. A computer program that draws picture

B. A picture stored in secondary memory

C. The smallest resolvable part of a picture

D. None of these

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  1. Which of the following is not the classification of computers based on application?
  2. An approach that permits the computer to work on several programs instead of one is
  3. Number crunchier is the informal name for
  4. What are the stages in the compilation process?
  5. Compression of digital data for efficient storage is
  6. A byte consists of
  7. Which electronic component was made out of semiconductor material?
  8. Which of the following is considered first computer in the world?
  9. The amount of vertical space between lines of text in a document is called
  10. When did arch rivals IBM and Apple Computers Inc. decide to join hands?
  11. A pen shaped device which can sense light, and is used to point at spots on a video screen.
  12. The word Abacus is derived from Abax, a word from
  13. The brain of any computer system is
  14. In what respect human beings are superior to computers?
  15. Which of the following code used in present day computing was developed by IBM Corporation?
  16. Which of the following is not a feature of first generation computers
  17. The first firm to mass-market a microcomputer as a personal computer was
  18. Who suggested Stored Program Concept
  19. Which of the following is a part of the Central Processing Unit?
  20. Which of the following statement is valid?
  21. The BIOS is the abbreviation of ________.
  22. When we look at the cost, which of the following computer is most expensive?
  23. Which of the following is input device?
  24. Size of the primary memory of a PC ranges between
  25. Serial access memories are useful in applications where
  26. Which programming language is based on Algol 60.
  27. The brain of any computer system is
  28. What was the main disadvantage of vacuum tubes?
  29. Which one is the largest space?
  30. The storage subsystem in a microcomputer consists mainly of __ or __ media with varying capacities