A ring gauge is used to measure

A. Outside diameter but not roundness

B. Roundness but not outside diameter

C. Both outside diameter and roundness

D. Only external threads

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  1. Continuous chips with built up edge are formed during machining of
  2. The abrasive recommended for grinding materials of high tensile strength is
  3. Crater wear is predominant in
  4. The cutting speed for drilling copper with high speed steel drills varies from
  5. In ECM, the material removal is due to
  6. A set of eight form relieved milling cutters for each module is provided to enable cutting of gears…
  7. In a metal arc welding process, metal transfer across the arc may take place by a method of material…
  8. The tool life is affected by
  9. The operation of producing grooves around the periphery of a cylindrical or conical workpiece is called
  10. A single point tool has
  11. Volume of a cube of side l and volume of a sphere of radius r are equal. Both the cube and the sphere…
  12. Larger end cutting edge angle _________ tool life.
  13. In a planer
  14. The chamfering is an operation of
  15. A jig is defined as a device which
  16. In an orthogonal cutting, the depth of cut is halved and the feed rate is double. If the chip thickness…
  17. In drilling softer materials, the cutting speed is _________ as compared to harder materials.
  18. Side rake angle of a single point cutting tool is the angle
  19. The operation in which oil is permeated into the pores of a powder metallurgy product is known as
  20. Buffing wheels are made of
  21. When the temperature of a solid metal increases,
  22. The process of removing metal by a cutter which is rotated in the same direction of travel of workpiece,…
  23. A 15 mm drilling machine means that it can drill a hole
  24. The process of removing metal by a cutter which is rotated against the direction of travel of workpiece,…
  25. If a particular Fe-C alloy contains less than 0.83% carbon, it is called
  26. A coarse grained grinding wheel is used to grind
  27. For machining a cast iron workpiece by a high speed steel tool, the average cutting speed is
  28. What is the welding defect caused due to improper control and poor removal of slog between passes called?
  29. Trepanning is performed for
  30. The aluminium oxide abrasive is chiefly used for grinding