A ruse wire is characterised by

A. high resistance and high melting point

B. high resistance and low melting point

C. low resistance and high melting point

D. low resistance and low melting point

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  1. How is it that Pluto is not always the farthest planet of the solar system?
  2. Railway tracks are banked on curves so that
  3. The device used to record the sound is
  4. Drinks kept in a vacuum flask remain hot or cold as the case may be for a long time because
  5. The mirage is a phenomenon
  6. If a band is played on the moon the sound will
  7. The end product in the uranium disintegration series is
  8. A person does not sink in the Dead Sea because
  9. When a body is projected upwards
  10. The planet with the reddish tinge is
  11. The line on earth's surface passing through the places having zero dip is called the magnetic equator.…
  12. A device used in a ship for the purpose of measuring the depth of the sea is
  13. The attraction between similar molecules is called
  14. A boy is swinging a ball attached to a string in a horizontal circle. If the string snaps
  15. The Solar System lies near the edge of a galaxy known as
  16. A bolometer is used to measure
  17. Heat is transmitted from one end of a metal rod to its other end by the method of
  18. The heat generated in a conductor carrying current is proportional to
  19. In the ramous equation of Einstein E = mc2 , 'c' denotes.
  20. Which of the following revolves round the nucleus in an atom?
  21. Primary colours are
  22. The image formed by a plane mirror is
  23. When light passes from air to glass, its velocity in glass
  24. The force of attraction or repulsion between two charged bodies is directly proportional to the product…
  25. A bar magnet tied in the middle with a thread is suspended at the South Pole of the earth. The magnet…
  26. Increase in pressure
  27. The phenomenon of radioactivity was discovered by
  28. Credit for starting Space Science Research in India goes to
  29. When a ship floats on water, the weight or water displaced is
  30. The numerical reading of the Fahrenheit thermometer of a given temperature