A solution which resists change in its pH value on addition of acid/alkali is called the __________ solution.

A. Neutral

B. Ideal

C. Buffer

D. Zero pH

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  1. Uniform ramming of sand in green sand moulding process leads to
  2. In __________ process, there is an increase in entropy with no degradation of energy.
  3. Pick out the wrong conversion of absolute & kinematic viscosities.
  4. In multipass welds, shot peening is done after each pass to
  5. Photographic plates are coated with
  6. The diffusion co-efficient of Ni in Cu at 1000 K is 1.93 × 10-16 m2S-1 and it is 1.94 ×…
  7. Percentage of differential pressure lost in a Venturimeter with a tapering of 15° may be about
  8. There are one octahedral void and __________ tetrahedral void in the closest packing of atoms.
  9. Which of the following pairs is not correctly matched?
  10. Silicon crystal can be converted to p-type semiconductor by doping with
  11. Dies for wire drawing are generally made of
  12. Which of the following is a commonly used manometric liquid for low pressure range?
  13. An example of unsteady non uniform flow is the flow of liquid under pressure through a
  14. 'GASOHOL' widely used in Brazil as a motor fuel is a mixture of alcohol and
  15. Magnesium is present in
  16. Larger length & diameter water pipes are made by
  17. Which of the following low melting alloy containing bismuth and lead is used for electric fuse?
  18. A form of stress corrosion failure termed as 'season cracking' is generally observed in
  19. Which of the following phenomenon will exhibit the minimum heat transfer?
  20. The most prominent single cause of corrosion in boiler-tubes, drums, economisers and steam superheaters…
  21. Cupola produces __________ iron.
  22. The ratio of thermal & electrical conductivity is same for all the metals at the same temperature; and…
  23. Maximum permissible sulphur content in steel is __________ percent.
  24. Saturated steam at a pressure of 25 kg/cm2 is throttled to attain 5 kg/cm2. Then the outcoming steam…
  25. If a nuclear reactor produces more fissile nuclear fuel than it consumes, then it is called a __________…
  26. The noble metals
  27. For efficient performance of a blast furnace, the extent of reduction of Wustite (FeO) should be
  28. The efficiency of a Carnot heat engine operating between absolute temperatures T1 and T2 (when, T1 >…
  29. at 1173E; at equilibrium, what will be the number of moles of CO gas required to reduce one mole of…
  30. __________ property of a material is determined by the Herbert Pendulum device.