A steam nozzle converts

A. Heat energy of steam into kinetic energy

B. Kinetic energy into heat energy of steam

C. Heat energy of steam into potential energy

D. Potential energy into heat energy of steam

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  1. Which of the following boiler works on a forced circulation of water?
  2. Hygrometry deals with the
  3. The latent heat of steam with increase of pressure
  4. The ratio of the workdone on the blades to the energy supplied to the blades, is called
  5. When the nozzle operates with the maximum mass flow, the nozzle is said to be
  6. In an ideal impulse turbine, the
  7. A compound steam engine in which the high pressure and low pressure cylinders have common piston rod,…
  8. A safety valve mainly used with locomotive and marine boilers is
  9. In which of the following boilers, the draught in furnace is increased by utilising exhaust steam from…
  10. Pick up the wrong statement about water tube boiler in comparison to fire tube boilers
  11. The maximum steam pressure in a Locomotive boiler is limited to
  12. Which of the following statement is correct?
  13. Pour point of fuel oil is the
  14. In locomotives, the draught is produced by
  15. For a Parson's reaction turbine, if α₁ and α₂ are fixed blade angles at inlet…
  16. The ratio of the volume at cut-off to the swept volume is called
  17. It is required to produce large amount of steam at low pressure. Which boiler should be used?
  18. A single stage impulse turbine with a diameter of 1.2 m runs at 3000 r.p.m. If the blade speed ratio…
  19. Which of the following is not a boiler mounting?
  20. There is always some steam left in the clearance space from the previous stroke. This steam left in…
  21. The flow through a nozzle is regarded as
  22. In a steam engine, superheated steam from the boiler is fed into the steam chest at a pressure of
  23. The value of diagram factor depends upon
  24. The evaporation of 15.653 kg of water per hour from and at 100°C is called
  25. Willians line follows the law (where b = A constant representing the shape of the Willians line, a =…
  26. The pressure of steam in the engine cylinder at the beginning of the stroke is ________ the boiler pressure.
  27. The cylindrical shell of a Lancashire boiler has diameter from
  28. The amount of water evaporated from feed water at _________ into dry and saturated steam at 100°…
  29. In locomotive boiler, maximum steam pressure is limited to
  30. Willian's law states that the steam consumption per hour provided with a throttled governor is proportional…