A steel containing __________ 0.8% carbon is known as hypoeutectoid steel.

A. Equal to

B. Less than

C. Greater than

D. None of these

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  1. Which is correct statement?
  2. A shaft is subjected to a maximum bending stress of 80 N/mm² and maximum shearing stress equal…
  3. Surface endurance limit of gear material is dependent upon its
  4. The shear stress in a beam varies from zero at the outer fibres to a maximum at the________.
  5. In cylindrical cams, the follower moves
  6. If p = bearing pressure on projected bearing area, z = absolute viscosity of lubricant, and N = speed…
  7. In unilateral system of tolerance, the tolerance is allowed on
  8. When the belt is transmitting maximum power,
  9. The ratio of driving tensions for flat belts, neglecting centrifugal tension, is (where T₁, and…
  10. In worm gears, the angle between the tangent to the pitch helix and an element of the cylinder, is known…
  11. A leaf spring in automobiles is used
  12. In V-belt drive, belt touches
  13. When a hole of diameter d is punched in a metal of thickness 't', then the force required to punch a…
  14. Eulers formula for a mild steel column is not valid if the slenderness ratio is
  15. If a spring is cut down into two springs, the stiffness of cut springs will be
  16. Tensile strength of a mild steel specimen can be roughly predicted from following hardness test
  17. In replacing the V-belts, a complete set of new belts is used instead of replacing a single damaged…
  18. The stress induced in the belt is,
  19. Cast iron pipes are mainly used
  20. Which of the following formula is used in designing a connecting rod?
  21. Eye bolts are used for
  22. When bevel gears connect two shafts whose axes intersect at an angle greater than a right angle and…
  23. A transmission shaft includes
  24. In order to remove internal stresses produced by hardening the steel, the process usually adopted is
  25. When the bearing is subjected to large fluctuations of load and heavy impacts, the bearing characteristic…
  26. The application of third type levers is found in
  27. The stress which vary from a minimum value to a maximum value of the same nature (i.e. tensile or compressive)…
  28. For a bevel gear having the pitch angle θ, the ratio of formative number of teeth (TE) to actual…
  29. The velocity factor for ordinary cut gears operating at velocities upto 12.5 m/s is equal to
  30. Brittle coating technique is used for