A storage area used to store data to a compensate for the difference in speed at which the different units can handle data is

A. Memory

B. Buffer

C. Accumulator

D. Address

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  1. WAN is a most used abbreviation in Networking, what is its full form?
  2. What is an interpreter?
  3. Which of the following memory medium is not used as main memory system?
  4. An application suitable for sequential processing is
  5. A general purpose single-user microcomputer designed to be operated by one person at a time is
  6. Serial access memories are useful in applications where
  7. Access time is
  8. In the IBM PC-At, what do the words AT stand for
  9. Which method is used to connect a remote computer?
  10. The first electronic general purpose digital computer built by Eckert and Mauchly called ENIAC did not…
  11. DOS stands for
  12. Which of the following device was not invented by Babbage?
  13. Another word for a daisy wheel printer
  14. The two major types of computer chips are
  15. Registers, which are partially visible to users and used to hold conditional, are known as
  16. ________ printer is a non-impact printer and is quite in working
  17. The term computer' is derived from
  18. Which was the most popular first generation computer?
  19. Which of the following is not an electronic computer?
  20. EBCDIC stands for
  21. Which technology is used in Compact disks?
  22. A name or number used to identify storage location devices?
  23. Data becomes ________ when it is presented in a format that people can understand and use
  24. The radian of a number system
  25. ________ is the process of dividing the disk into tracks and sectors.
  26. Modern Computers are very reliable but they are not
  27. Which device is used to backup the data?
  28. What was the expected feature of fifth generation computers when Japan started FGCS?
  29. When did John Napier develop logarithm?
  30. A paper printout of a document is known as