A systems programming language for microcomputers in the Intel family is





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  1. Which of the following statement is valid?
  2. Cursor is a
  3. Which of the following does not store data permanently?
  4. RJ45 UTP cable has _____ Cables.
  5. What does DMA stand for?
  6. A self replicating program, similar to a virus which was taken from a 1970s science fiction novel by…
  7. A computer cannot 'boot' if it does not have the
  8. The common name for the crime of stealing passwords is:
  9. Servers are computers that provide resources to other computers connected to a:
  10. Which company is the biggest player in the microprocessor industry?
  11. The thing that eventually terminates a worm virus is a lack of:
  12. Regarding data, computers are very good at
  13. Computer professionals working in a computer centre are
  14. A device, which is not connected to CPU, is called as ________
  15. What is an interpreter?
  16. What type of resource is most likely to be a shared common resource in a computer Network?
  17. Computer is free from tiresome and boardoom. We call it
  18. Which of the following memories need refresh?
  19. The translator program used in assembly language is called
  20. Which generation of computer is still under development
  21. Which device can understand difference between data & programs?
  22. A set of rods where numbers were carved and used for multiplication and division aids is known as
  23. The term ________ designates equipment that might be added to a computer system to Enhance its functionality.
  24. The control unit of a microprocessor
  25. What was the name of the first commercially available microprocessor chip?
  26. The first web browser is
  27. Which is the highest form?
  28. The full form of ALU is
  29. MIS is designed to provide information needed for effective decision making by?
  30. RAM can be treated as the ________ for the computer's processor