A thermostat is a device used

A. for automatically maintaining a steady temperature

B. for measuring electricity

C. to reduce the voltage of electricity

D. for producing heat

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  1. The transistor was invented by
  2. When light travels from one medium to another there is a change in its
  3. The instrument used to measure atmospheric pressure is
  4. In a refrigerator cooling is produced by
  5. A ship sailing from a river to the sea
  6. The planet that has got a well-developed set of rings is
  7. The completely dark portion of a shadow of an object is known as
  8. The enormous energy released in nuclear and thermonuclear reactions is due to conversion of
  9. The speed of light is minimum while passing through
  10. When the resistance of a circuit increases the current will
  11. The resistance of a wire depends on
  12. Enriched uranium means
  13. The acoustical quality of a room depends on
  14. One finds it more difficult to walk on ice than on a concrete road because
  15. Which physical quantity is measured in watts
  16. A hydrogen bomb is based on
  17. Warm air will hold more water vapour than cold air because
  18. When one enters a dark room after being in bright light one is not able to see anything clearly for…
  19. For accurate scientific work, temperatures are often measured by
  20. The focal length or lens or the eye is under the control or the
  21. The nuclear model of atom was first visualised by
  22. In a hydraulic pressure
  23. Railway tracks are banked on curves so that
  24. The colour of a star is an indication of its
  25. Under similar conditions of temperature and pressure, the velocity of sound is maximum in
  26. Which metal is used in storage batteries?
  27. When water is cooled from 4C to 2C its density
  28. The maximum range of most TV signals is from 121 to 240 km only because
  29. The mixing up of two gases as a result of random motion of molecules is called
  30. In an electrical circuit, a fuse is connected