A two high rolling mill consists of two rolls which rotate

A. At the same speed and in the same direction

B. At the same speed but in opposite direction

C. At different speeds and in the same direction

D. At different speeds and in the opposite direction

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  1. When the dimension is expressed as 20 -0.025 ⁺⁰⁰³⁵, then the basic…
  2. When the molten metal is fed in the cavity of a metallic mould by gravity, the method of casting is…
  3. Tandem drawing of wires and tubes is necessary because
  4. Seam welding is best adopted for metal thickness ranging from
  5. In sheet metal work, he cutting force on the tool can be reduced by
  6. The purpose of a gate is to
  7. In a four high rolling mill, the diameter of backing up rolls is ________ the diameter of working rolls.
  8. The process of decreasing the cross-section of a bar and increasing its length, is called
  9. When the file is moved to and fro over the work, it is known as
  10. The cold chisels are made from
  11. In a four high rolling mill, there are four rolls out of which
  12. During cold working process
  13. The blank diameter used in thread rolling will be
  14. For smoothing and cleaning out depressions in the mould, a __________ is used.
  15. The parts of circular cross-section which are symmetrical about the axis of rotation are made by
  16. In a unilateral system of tolerance, the tolerance is allowed on
  17. 4.Linde welding uses
  18. In a cold chamber die casting machine
  19. The flux commonly used in brazing is
  20. The property of sand due to which the sand grains stick together is called
  21. A file with 20 teeth in 25 mm is called
  22. Most of the oxyacetylene welding is done with
  23. A casting defect which results in general enlargement of a casting is known as
  24. In a ________, two or more operations are performed simultaneously at the single stroke of the ram.
  25. The dowels are
  26. Scribing block is used to
  27. The tolerance produced by shell moulding process of casting is
  28. For arc welding
  29. To prevent the body of the blade from jamming in the saw cut, the teeth of blade are
  30. A basic shaft is one whose