A type of brake commonly used in motor cars is a

A. Shoe brake

B. Band and block brake

C. Band brake

D. Internal expanding brake

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  1. The resilience of a bolt may be increased by
  2. The strap end of a connecting rod of steam engine is joined by
  3. The cross-section of the arm of a bell crank lever is
  4. The stretching in a belt can be controlled by __________ the stress in the belt.
  5. The dedendum circle diameter is equal to (where φ = Pressure angle)
  6. Pick up wrong statement. Fatigue strength can be increased by
  7. A coupling used to connect two perfectly aligned shafts, is
  8. When the belt speed increases
  9. Shear stress theory is applicable for
  10. The rated life of a bearing varies
  11. A steel containing upto 0.15% carbon is known as
  12. The helix angle for double helical gears may be made up to
  13. In designing a flange coupling, the pitch circle diameter of bolts is taken as (where d = Diameter of…
  14. The distribution of the forces along the length of key fitted in a shaft
  15. The expansion joint is mostly used for pipes which carry steam at __________ pressures.
  16. Which of the following statement is correct?
  17. A tap bolt
  18. The maximum stress due to stress concentration in a bar having circular transverse hole, as compared…
  19. The cracks in helical springs used in railway carriages usually start on the inner side of the coil…
  20. The steel pulleys are __________ in weight than cast iron pulleys of the same capacity.
  21. Which of the following statement is correct?
  22. A crankshaft is a __________ shaft.
  23. The endurance limit in shear of carbon steel can be obtained by multiplying the endurance limit in flexure…
  24. Rankine Gordon formula for buckling is valid for
  25. The coefficient of friction between the belt and pulley depends upon the
  26. The temperature required for full annealing in hypereutectoid steel is
  27. When a closely coiled helical spring is subjected to a couple about its axis, the stress induced in…
  28. In a full journal bearing, the angle of contact of the bearing with the journal is
  29. In worm gears, the pressure angle is ________ the angle between two inclined faces in axial plane.
  30. Tensile strength of a mild steel specimen can be roughly predicted from following hardness test