A universal coupling is used to connect two shafts

A. Which are not in exact alignment

B. Which are perfectly aligned

C. Whose axes intersect at a small angle

D. Have lateral misalignment

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  1. When a belt drive is transmitting maximum power,
  2. The backlash for spur gears depends upon
  3. The strap end of a connecting rod of steam engine is joined by
  4. The included angle for the V-belt is usually
  5. In skew bevel gearing, the axes of shafts are
  6. The centrifugal tension in belts
  7. According to Indian standards, a bolt thread of 6 mm size of coarse pitch and with allowance on the…
  8. In a full journal bearing, the angle of contact of the bearing with the journal is
  9. In a multiple V-belt drive, when a single belt is damaged, it is preferable to change the complete set…
  10. Which one of the following loading is considered for the design of axles?
  11. A circular shaft can transmit a torque of 5 kN-m. If the torque is reduced to 4 kN-m, then the maximum…
  12. Slenderness ratio is the ratio of
  13. The velocity factor for precision metallic gears cut with high accuracy and operating at velocities…
  14. Which of the following statement is correct for gears?
  15. The shock absorbing capacity of a bolt may be increased by
  16. When two non-parallel or intersecting but coplanar shafts are connected by gears, the arrangement is…
  17. At low temperatures (say 75°C) the notched bar impact value of steel
  18. Which of the following key is preferred for the condition when a large amount of impact type torque…
  19. A feather key is generally
  20. The included angle in unified of American National threads is
  21. A key made from a cylindrical disc having segmental cross-section, is known as
  22. The rated life of a bearing varies
  23. In worm, gears, pitch lead angle is
  24. Jam nut is a locking device in which
  25. Deep groove ball bearings are used for
  26. The material commonly used for crane hooks is
  27. Split nut is a locking device in which
  28. Rankine's theory of failure is applicable for following type of materials
  29. A tube has the following advantage over pipe
  30. When spring index increases, the value of Wahl's stress factor