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  1. You are configuring Outlook Express to download e-mail messages from your Internet service provider.…
  2. If we want to run Nwadmin from DOS prompt what is the command we use?
  3. In a domain we can create
  4. Can a global group be created in a member server?
  5. Profile information is stored in NTprofile.Dat file.
  6. Which version of Win2k Server can support 64 GB of memory and up to 16 processors?
  7. Which file contains active directory database?
  8. Can we install multiple local printers using a single printer devise in Win2000 server?
  9. Can we use local user and group utility in a domain controller to create local user in it?
  10. TGT and TGS is related to
  11. Which of the following utility can be used to create a file share
  12. TCP is a connectionless protocol
  13. Which OSI model layer provides for encryption and decryption of data?
  14. Which Recovery function is used to reconfigure a service that is preventing your computer from starting…
  15. What is the distance limitation of Cat5 UTP?
  16. Can we use 'net use' command to share a file?
  17. Domain based network allows multiple domain controller in a single domain
  18. Which utility is used to determine whether Windows 2000 properly recognize a newly installed modem?
  19. The command to create a Win2000 boot disk is
  20. Clipper command can be used for data encryption
  21. Can we put computer management utility in desktop?
  22. The server where active directory wers can be created create is
  23. We can create _____ DFS root in a single Domain Controller
  24. A roaming user Profile is stored on a computer's local hard disk.
  25. Profile information is stored in NTprofile.Dat file.
  26. Is it possible to set net work properties from control panel?
  27. Linux operating system consumes less space than Windows2000
  28. Is it possible to set net work properties from control panel?
  29. If you move a file from one folder to another folder between different NTFS volumes, the file will retain…
  30. Which is the port used by HTTPS?