A ValidationSummary control is bound to a control

A. True

B. False

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  1. You have an image that is clickable and you want a pop-up window to display text that identifies the…
  2. .FileInfo gives information about any file and .File gives information about a particular file
  3. _________ is used to write/read into a leaf node
  4. In Global.asax there are _______ general methods
  5. This file stores your web configuration
  6. To write an attribute for a tag through ASP.NET use
  7. Which of the following is not a member of ADODBCommand object?
  8. In ___________ records are locked when the update method is called
  9. The first event triggers in an aspx page is.
  10. To make a RepeaterControl viewable, the controls ____________ must be edited
  11. Difference between Response.Write() andResponse.Output.Write().
  12. .DirectoryInfo gives information about any Directory
  13. ______________ creates a read-only recordset that can scroll in any direction.
  14. You need to modify an ASP.NET page to prevent the browser window from going blank after a postback and…
  15. In ASP.NET a page is inherited from System.Web.UI.Page. Here UI means
  16. By default a WebForm inherits from
  17. This tag in Repeater control is mandatory
  18. To send attachments using SMTP use
  19. Which DLL translate XML to SQL in IIS?
  20. Error handling can be done through Global.asax
  21. In ___________ records are locked when you start editing.
  22. To open Microsoft Word from ASP.NET page use
  23. File extension used for ASP.NET files.
  24. Caching type supported by ASP.Net
  25. Which of the following tool is used to manage the GAC?
  26. To count how many users have logged in the web site till date use
  27. Anything appearing before ________ is cleared
  28. ASP.NET can be installed on Windows 98 machine
  29. A DataSet can be generated from
  30. ____________ enables you to add, modify and delete records but you won't see the changes made by other…