A vascular bundle in which the protoxylem is pointing to the periphery is called __________.

A. endarch

B. exarch

C. radial

D. closed

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  1. The trees growing in desert will
  2. Sclerenchyma usually___________and_____________ protoplasts.
  3. Cambium is considered as a lateral meristem because
  4. In the given figure of phloem tissue, identify the marked part (A, B and C) which help in maintaining…
  5. T.S. of monocot leaf is given below, certain parts have been marked by alphabets (A G). Which one is…
  6. The apical meristem of the root is present
  7. A vascular bundle in which the protoxylem is pointing to the periphery is called __________.
  8. Which of the following pair of match is not correct?
  9. The vessel elements of angiosperms differ from other elements of xylem in having
  10. Which of the following statement(s) is/are correct ?Uneven thickening of cell wall is characteristic…
  11. Match the followings and choose the correct optionColumn-IColumn-IIA. CuticleI. Guard cellsB. Bulliform…
  12. Lignin is the important constituent in the cell wall of
  13. Which of following helps bamboo and grasses to elongate ?
  14. Identify A, B and C in the given figure of shoot apical meristem
  15. Which one of the following statement is incorrect ?Epidermal cell has small amount of cytoplasm and…
  16. During the formation of leaves and elongation of stem, some cells left behind from the shoot apical…
  17. Identify the types of simple tissue indicated by A, B, C and D and their function.
  18. Which of the following is responsible for the formation of an embryonic shoot called axillary bud?
  19. Choose the correct labelling of (A J) in the given figure of T.S. of monocot root.
  20. Which of the following statements are correct ?Xylem transports water and minerals.Gymnosperms lack…
  21. Identify types of vascular bundles in given figures A, B and C.
  22. Cork is formed from
  23. Match column-I with column-II and choose the correct option.A. Spring wood orI. Lighter in colour early…
  24. Tissues are classified into two main groups, namely meristematic and permanent tissues on the basis…
  25. In stems, the protoxylem lies towards the _____________ and the metaxylem lies towards the ____________…
  26. One of the primary function of the ground tissue in a plant is
  27. A piece of wood having no vessels (trachea) must be belonged to
  28. Which one of the followings option shows the correct labelling of the parts marked as A, B, C and D…
  29. Which of the following statements is correct?
  30. Which of the following are present in monocot root ?