According to Stefan Boltzmann law, the total radiation from a black body per second per unit area is directly proportional to the

A. Absolute temperature

B. Square of the absolute temperature

C. Cube of the absolute temperature

D. Fourth power of the absolute temperature

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  1. Emissivity of a white polished body in comparison to a black body is
  2. A grey body is one whose absorptivity
  3. Kirchhoff's law states that
  4. The heat transfer by conduction through a thick cylinder (Q) is given by (where T₁ = Higher temperature,…
  5. The process of heat transfer from one particle of the fluid to another by the actual movement of the…
  6. Thermal diffusivity of a substance is
  7. Conduction is a process of heat transfer
  8. Which of the following statement is wrong?
  9. Thermal conductivity of water at 20°C is of the order of
  10. Depending on the radiating properties, body will be transparent when
  11. In counter current flow heat exchanger, the logarithmic temperature difference between the fluids is…
  12. Heat is transferred by all three modes of transfer, viz. conduction, convection and radiation in
  13. Two long parallel surfaces each of emissivity 0.7 are maintained at different temperatures and accordingly…
  14. Unit of thermal conductivity in M.K.S. units is
  15. The emissivity for a black body is
  16. Which of the following is expected to have highest thermal conductivity?
  17. Which of the following is a case of steady state heat transfer?
  18. The value of Prandtl number for air is about
  19. The amount of radiation mainly depends upon the
  20. The most commonly used method for the design of duct size is the
  21. A composite slab has two layers of different materials with thermal conductivities k₁ and k₂.…
  22. The concept of overall coefficient of heat transfer is used in heat transfer problems of
  23. Two balls of same material and finish have their diameters in the ratio of 2: 1 and both are heated…
  24. The unit of overall coefficient of heat transfer is
  25. Log mean temperature difference in case of counter flow compared to parallel flow will be
  26. According to Kirchoff's law, the ratio of emissive power to absorptivity for all bodies is equal to…
  27. Thermal conductivity of solid metals with rise in temperature normally
  28. The thermal diffusivities for gases are generally
  29. When absorptivity (α) = 1, reflectivity (ρ) = 0 and transmissivity (τ) = 0, then the…
  30. The unit of Stefan Boltzmann constant is