All money costs can be regarded as:

A. Social costs

B. Opportunity costs

C. Explicit costs

D. Implicit costs

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  1. The competitive equilibrium leads to:
  2. The nominal income of a consumer is income in terms of:
  3. Each firm in cournot model starts selling:
  4. Because of selling costs, the demand curve of a firm shifts:
  5. According to Marshal, the Law of Diminishing Marginal Utility:
  6. We can measure consumers surplus with the help of
  7. The firm in cournot model:
  8. In monopoly:
  9. In 1890, Principles of Economics was written by:
  10. If the demand curve is inelastic then:
  11. A dominant strategy can best be described as:
  12. An inferior commodity is one whose quantity demand decreases when income of the consumer:
  13. We can write ordinal utility function as:
  14. Most of the supply curves with which the average consumer deals are:
  15. At final equilibrium in cournot model, each firm sells:
  16. Average cost curve contains in it:
  17. If a person behaves against the laws of economics then:
  18. A profit-maximizing monopolist in two separate markets will:
  19. Total Utility (TU) curve:
  20. At high prices, demand is likely to be:
  21. Used cars are sold in:
  22. The act of producing the output from more than one plant is concerned with:
  23. In discriminating monopoly (price discrimination), the elasticity of demand of product in two markets…
  24. In cournot model, during the process of adjustment, the number of firms:
  25. To calculate the Economic Profit we must deduct which of the following cost from our total revenues?
  26. In Prisoners Dilemma, both the prisoners are interrogated:
  27. An economic theory is :
  28. An increase in the supply of a commodity is caused by:
  29. Of the following, which one is a characteristic of monopolistic competition?
  30. Total profits are maximized at the point where: