All radiations in a black body are

A. Reflected

B. Refracted

C. Transmitted

D. Absorbed

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  1. The heat is transferred by conduction, convection and radiation in
  2. The ratio of the thickness of thermal boundary layer to the thickness of hydrodynamic boundary layer…
  3. According to Wien's law, the wavelength corresponding to maximum energy is proportion to
  4. The unit of overall coefficient of heat transfer is
  5. Radiation is the process of heat transfer in which heat flows from a ________, in a straight line, without…
  6. In case of liquids and gases, the heat transfer takes place according to
  7. Which of the following has least value of conductivity?
  8. When absorptivity (α) = 1, reflectivity (ρ) = 0 and transmissivity (τ) = 0, then the…
  9. The process of heat transfer from one particle of the body to another is called conduction, when the…
  10. Two plates spaced 150 mm apart are maintained at 1000°C and 70°C. The heat transfer will take…
  11. The energy distribution of an ideal reflector at higher temperatures is largely in the range of
  12. The value of the wavelength for maximum emissive power is given by
  13. In free convection heat transfer transition from laminar to turbulent flow is governed by the critical…
  14. Which of the following property of air does not increase with rise in temperature?
  15. The amount of heat flow through a body by conduction is
  16. The heat transfer takes place according to
  17. Two balls of same material and finish have their diameters in the ratio of 2: 1 and both are heated…
  18. Sensible heat factor is given by (where S.H. = Sensible heat, and L.H. = Latent heat)
  19. According of Kirchhoff's law
  20. The critical thickness of insulation for a sphere is
  21. An ordinary passenger aircraft requires a cooling system of capacity.
  22. The product of Reynolds number and Prandtl number is known as
  23. According to Newton's law of cooling, the heat transfer from a hot body to a cold body is
  24. The value of the wave length for maximum emissive power is given by
  25. An electric cable of aluminium conductor (k = 240 W/mK) is to be insulated with rubber (k = 0.15 W/mK).…
  26. A grey body is one whose absorptivity
  27. Reynolds number is the ratio of
  28. Heat is transferred by all three modes of transfer, viz. conduction, convection and radiation in
  29. Metals are good conductors of heat because
  30. Two long parallel surfaces each of emissivity 0.7 are maintained at different temperatures and accordingly…