_________ allows you to create this summarization:

A. Subnetting


C. Supernetting


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  1. You are given a MAC address of 01A2.0482.FE12. What is the OUI value in binary?
  2. __________ allows you to distribute connection requests destined to a single IP address to multiple…
  3. Which is not one of the three main functions of a layer-2 device?
  4. ________ topologies in NBMA environments do not have problems with split horizon.
  5. When configuring the ip nat inside source command, which parameter must you specify to perform PAT?
  6. You are given the following addressing information: What type of address is this?
  7. The _________ reference point defines the connection between the NT2 and the NT1.
  8. Extended traceroute works from which mode?
  9. Which command assigns a default gateway to the 2950 switch?
  10. A 1924 has _________ Ethernet interfaces.
  11. Which frame field is different between ISO HDLC and Cisco's HDLC?
  12. Which router command creates a standard named ACL called test?
  13. The TCP/IP protocol stack has ________ layers.
  14. Which would you use to move your cursor back one word?
  15. RIP has a maximum hop count of ____________ hops.
  16. EIGRP will route for ___________.
  17. A __________ topology uses a single connection to connect all devices together.
  18. OSPF uses __________ as a metric.
  19. A ________ topology describes how devices communicate with each other.
  20. _________ describe(s) users working from home.
  21. __________ states that if a neighboring router sends a route to a router, the receiving router will…
  22. If you wanted a list of parameters for the show command, you would type ________.
  23. The switch port that is chosen to forward traffic for a segment is called a __________.
  24. If the 1900's mode is FDUP, and the LED is _________, the port speed is set to autodetect.
  25. The router automatically saves its configuration.
  26. When using debug with PAP, which of the following message types might you see?
  27. Which of the following is stored in ROM? (Choose all correct answers.)
  28. A _________ connects two or more LANs in the same geographic area.
  29. A Class A address has _________ host bits.
  30. Which router command clears all of the static translations in the address translation table?

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