__________ allows you to distribute connection requests destined to a single IP address to multiple machines.

A. Traffic load

B. Traffic configuration


D. Load distribution

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  1. How many steps do LCP and NCP go through when setting up a connection?
  2. Which Frame Relay command is used to manually resolve addresses?
  3. A __________ route is the best path to reach a destination within the topology table.
  4. When configuring a router-on-a-stick, the configuration is done on __________.
  5. Extended IP ACLs should be placed as close to the ____________ device as possible.
  6. You are given the following addressing information: What type of address is this?
  7. Which of the following is a Network layer protocol for the TCP/IP protocol stack?
  8. How would you suspend a telnet session?
  9. Which of the following is false concerning OSPF?
  10. is a class __________ address.
  11. The root switch is the one elected with the __________ __________.
  12. _________ allows you to create this summarization:
  13. Ethernet ___________ has/have both a physical and logical bus topology.
  14. The dialer map command contains all of the following parameters except __________.
  15. IGRP generates an update every ___________ seconds.
  16. A Class A address has _________ host bits.
  17. EIGRP generates hellos every _________ seconds on LAN segments.
  18. ___________ has both physical and logical ring topologies.
  19. If the port status LED on a 2950 is ________, there is a physical layer connection problem.
  20. The ___________ converts an ISDN four-wire connection to a two-wire connection.
  21. Which is an example of a hybrid protocol?
  22. The 1900 switch supports ________ VLANs.
  23. A ________ topology describes how devices communicate with each other.
  24. You are given a Class B network with a subnet mask of How many hostaddresses are there…
  25. Which VTP mode(s) will propagate VTP messages?
  26. IOS images can be loaded from all the following except:
  27. A _________ connects two or more LANs in the same geographic area.
  28. You are given the following addressing information: What type of address is this?
  29. If you enter a command in either User EXEC mode or Privilege EXEC mode that the IOS does not recognize,…
  30. Which of the following is a private address?