Alloying elements present in Haynes stellite, which has superior performance than high speed steel, are:

A. Nickel, cobalt & chromium

B. Tungsten, chromium & cobalt

C. Manganese, chromium & cobalt

D. Tungsten, molybdenum & nickel

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  1. Mild steel has __________ crystal lattice structure.
  2. Electrochemical corrosion can occur, only if __________ is present in contact with metal.
  3. With increase in temperature, the electrical conductivity of semiconductors
  4. Which of the following materials has the maximum shrinkage allowance?
  5. Metallic surveying tapes are made of __________ which has a low co-efficient of expansion & enough strength.
  6. Which of the following has the highest modulus of elasticity (about 7 × 106 kg/cm2)?
  7. Thermal efficiency of an internal combustion engine is around __________ percent.
  8. For infinite parallel planes having emissivities ε1 & ε2, the interchange factor for radiation…
  9. __________ is used as a material of construction for the blade of power saw.
  10. Production of a hollow product by inflation of a tube or parison is called the __________ process.
  11. Dowtherm is a
  12. Uniform ramming of sand in green sand moulding process leads to
  13. Boiler tube size is specified by its thickness and __________ diameter.
  14. Metal cutting by oxy-acetylene flame is accomplished by the __________ of the metal.
  15. Energy of the sun arises mainly from __________ reactions.
  16. Oxide layer formed on the non-ferrous metal surface after its annealing is
  17. The effect of friction on the flow of steam through a nozzle is to decrease the __________ of steam.
  18. Routing in production, planning & control is concerned with the
  19. __________ property of steel increases by addition of large amount of silicon in it.
  20. Transformer cores are normally made from
  21. The property of material, by which a given amount of energy is absorbed by it, without plastic deformation,…
  22. Materials having __________ lattice structure are usually the most ductile.
  23. Drills are usually made of
  24. Neutrons are present in all atoms except that of
  25. Notched bar test is used for testing the __________ of a material.
  26. An approximately __________ process exemplifies the flow of a gas through a very long pipe of uniform…
  27. Wood is a/an __________ material.
  28. The 'transition temperature' for ductile to brittle behaviour of steel increases with increase in the…
  29. On oscilloscope screen for dynamic measurement, lissajous diagram is normally used to determine the…
  30. While the bin cards are used in the effective stores management, the queuing theory is associated with…