In the following questions, in the given sentences, a part of the sentence is underlined. Beneath each sentence, four different ways of phrasing the underlined part are indicated. Choose the best alternative.

What is the correct answer?


Although gale force winds often pass through the Eiffel Tower, causing it to sway no more than four inches .

A. causing it to sway no more

B. and yet it sways no more

C. they do not cause it to sway more

D. and they do not cause it to sway

Correct Answer :

C. they do not cause it to sway more

Option (c) depicts the best way of presenting the underlined part. Option (a) is incorrect as the phrase causing it does not goes with the word although, which begins the sentence. The word although itself means in spite of the fact. So the phrase and yet in option (b) is inappropriate to use with it. Option (d) is incorrect as the two parts of the sentence, one showing the action and other the effect, are dependent on each other. But the use of and shows that they are independent. Hence, option (c) is the correct option.

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