Select the most appropriate set of words from the given choices to fill in the blanks.

What is the correct answer?


Although it has been more than 50 years since Satyajit Ray made Pather Panchali, ___________ refuse to go away from the mind.

A. the haunting images

B. its haunting images

C. its haunted images

D. the haunt of its images

Correct Answer :

B. its haunting images

The given statement is probably mentioning a 50-year old movie that was very moving, and the speaker is saying that (s)he hasnt forgotten those horrifying images yet. Option (b) is correct, because its makes the sentence more clear, as the pronoun its refers to the movie and those images are described as haunting which means that the images in the movie were disturbing and disquieting.
Option (a) is wrong, because the instead of its makes the sentence ambiguous by not relating to the preceding clause.
Option (c) is wrong, because the images were not haunted. Haunted is used to describe something that is troubled, not what is troubling.
Option (d) is wrong, because haunt as a noun only means a frequently visited place.

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