An activity of the project is graphically represented by ________ on the network diagram.

A. A circle

B. A straight line

C. An arrow

D. None of these

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  1. Scheduling gives information about
  2. Service time in queuing theory is usually assumed to follow
  3. Micro motion study is
  4. CPM is the
  5. Indirect expenses include
  6. The standard time for a job is
  7. The critical path of a network represents
  8. The artificial activity, which indicates that an activity following it cannot be started unless, the…
  9. In Emerson's efficiency plan of wage incentive system, bonus is paid to a worker
  10. In manufacturing management, the term 'Dispatching' is used to describe
  11. Which one of the following chart gives simultaneously information about the progress of work and machine…
  12. In jobbing production
  13. The term 'value' in value engineering refers to
  14. Pick up the correct statement from the following
  15. The determination of standard time in a complex job system is best done through
  16. Graphical method, simplex method, and transportation method are concerned with
  17. In order that linear programming techniques provide valid results
  18. The important file in making a PERT is
  19. Positive slack on a PERT indicates that project is
  20. Break-even analysis consists of
  21. Inventory management consists of
  22. Breakeven analysis consists of
  23. For handling materials during manufacture of cement, a _________ is widely used.
  24. A dummy activity in a net work diagram
  25. Which of the following wage incentive plan is applied to all workers?
  26. PERT analysis is based on
  27. O on a PERT/CPM chart represents
  28. If F is the fixed cost, V is the variable cost per unit (or total variable costs) and P is the selling…
  29. A-B-C analysis
  30. Which of the following are the principles of material handling?