An Administrator account is created when you install the Windows 2000 Server.

A. True

B. False

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  1. User account names are case-sensitive
  2. Which folder is used to store user profiles by default?
  3. Which of the following is the IEEE specification for wireless networks?
  4. User passwords are case sensitive
  5. A roaming user Profile is stored on a computer's local hard disk.
  6. What command is used to start the Windows 2000 Server installation?
  7. The NTFS security is not applicable in case of network access
  8. In a domain we can create
  9. Can we delete a folder, which is shared?
  10. If we want to run Nwadmin from DOS prompt what is the command we use?
  11. Which utility is used to manage disks, volumes, partitions logical drives and dynamic volumes in Windows…
  12. Is it possible to set net work properties from control panel?
  13. Can a global group be created in a member server?
  14. Which version of Win2k Server can support 64 GB of memory and up to 16 processors?
  15. Identify the topology and network type that uses a central hub with cables connected to workstations.
  16. Which of the following utility can be used to create a file share
  17. Which folder is used to store user profiles by default?
  18. The minimum processor speed required for the installation of windows 2000
  19. Windows 2000 is based on
  20. Can Win2000 professional become terminal service client?
  21. In a Windows 2000 Server domain Controller what utility is used to create domain user account?
  22. TCP is a connectionless protocol
  23. Profile information is stored in NTprofile.Dat file.
  24. Which piece of equipment operates at both the data-link and network layers?
  25. TCP is a connectionless protocol
  26. Which of the following files have the .NCF file extension?
  27. Which Recovery function is used to reconfigure a service that is preventing your computer from starting…
  28. Clipper command can be used for data encryption
  29. What is the maximum number of characters that a password may contain?
  30. Can a global group be created in a member server?