An advantage of the database management approach is

A. data redundancy increases

B. data is dependent on programs

C. data is integrated and can be accessed by multiple programs

D. none of the above

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  1. Which is the best file organization when data is frequently added or deleted from a file?
  2. Which of the following ensures the atomicity of the transaction?
  3. Between DRAM and magnetic disk storage another form of memory, called ______ memory is becoming common…
  4. If an entity can belong to only one lower level entity then the constraint is
  5. HSAM stands for ……….
  6. The drawback of shadow paging technique are
  7. Which of the following relational algebraic operations is not from set theory?
  8. A ______ module is typically designed so that it will run on a user workstation or personal computer.
  9. For using a specific database …………… command is used.
  10. Which of the following is not a logical database structure?
  11. The set of all values that can be taken by the attribute is called as _______ of the attribute.
  12. SQL server stores index information in the _____system table
  13. Which of the following is not a characteristic of a relational database model?
  14. The middleware databases in which the business rules act are applicable to _______ tier architectures
  15. The data in the database at a particular moment of time is called the _______
  16. The ______ key of a relation is the attribute (column) or collection of attributes, which uniquely identify…
  17. Manager salary details are hidden from the employee .This is
  18. Dependency preservation is not guaranteed in
  19. The default level of consistency in SQL is
  20. The transactions like adding an employee, enrolling a student in a course are examples of _______
  21. The ____ operator joins two or more conditions and displays rows only if that rows data satisfies all…
  22. Cascading rollback is avoided in all protocol except
  23. Wait-for graph is used for
  24. ______is a preferred method for enforcing data integrity
  25. Data independence means
  26. E-R Modeling is achieved by using ____ diagrams
  27. Which of the following is true for network structure?
  28. A relation is in attribute of other composite key. if an attribute of a composite key is dependent on…
  29. Relational Algebra does not have
  30. Assume transaction A holds a shared lock R. If transaction B also requests for a shared lock on R.