An air preheater

A. Increases evaporative capacity of the boiler

B. Increases the efficiency of the boiler

C. Enables low grade fuel to be burnt

D. All of the above

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  1. Which is not correct statement about effect of sulphur in fuel?
  2. Lancashire boiler is used where working pressure and power required are
  3. A condenser in a steam power plant
  4. The number of flue tubes in Lancashire boiler is
  5. Ultimate analysis of fuel is determination of percentage of
  6. Curtis turbine is a
  7. For a Parson's reaction turbine, if α₁ and α₂ are fixed blade angles at inlet…
  8. The factor of evaporation for all boilers is always
  9. The ratio of the energy required to produce the artificial draught (expressed in metres head or J/kg…
  10. The fire tubes in a Scotch marine boiler are
  11. The saturation temperature of steam with increase in pressure increases
  12. The device attached to the steam chest for preventing explosions due to excessive internal pressure…
  13. The diameter of fire tube of Cornish boiler compared to its shell is
  14. In a boiler, the heat is lost
  15. The critical pressure ratio is given by (where p₁ = Initial pressure of steam, and p₂…
  16. Heating of dry steam above saturation temperature is known as
  17. Gradually increasing temperature of flue gases at inlet to chimney for given steam outputs is an indication…
  18. The working pressure range for a LaMont boiler is
  19. The balanced draft furnace is one using
  20. The reheat factor is the ratio of the
  21. The condition of steam in boiler drum is always
  22. An ideal regenerative cycle is
  23. In a steam engine, superheated steam from the boiler is fed into the steam chest at a pressure of
  24. In locomotives, the draught is produced by
  25. Which of the following statement is correct for steam turbines as compared to reciprocating steam engines?
  26. Which device is used in thermal power plants to reduce level of pollution?
  27. The fire tubes in a Cochran boiler are
  28. A compound steam engine in which piston rods of high pressure and low pressure cylinders ' are attached…
  29. In a boiler, feed water supplied per hour is 205 kg while coal fired per hour is 23 kg. The net enthalpy…
  30. The diameter of cylindrical shell of the Lancashire boiler is of the order of