An approximately __________ process exemplifies the flow of a gas through a very long pipe of uniform cross-section.

A. Adiabatic

B. Isothermal

C. Isentropic

D. Isochoric

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  1. Steel is welded using the __________ flame.
  2. The lightest non-inflammable gas is
  3. Air/fuel ratio by weight for combustion of methane with theoretical quantity of air will be about
  4. Damage to metal surface by mechanical action is called
  5. Out of the following, the most malleable material is
  6. The 'laughing gas' is
  7. In fluid flow, and heat and mass transfer, one encounters (i) kinematic velocity (μ), (ii) molecular…
  8. Brinell Hardness Number (BHN) for talc is approximately in the range of
  9. Diffusion co-efficient of a metal in a solid solution depends upon its
  10. The highest stress that a material can withstand for a specified length of time without excessive deformation…
  11. Which of the following pairs is not correctly matched?
  12. A highly elastic material is deformed least on loading and retains its original form on removal of the…
  13. A pycnometer is used for the measurement of
  14. The temperature at which ferromagnetic material can no longer be magnetised by the outside forces, is…
  15. Ultimate strength in tension as compared to that in shear for steel is
  16. Recrystallisation temperature of steel is __________ °C.
  17. Normalising does not __________ of a metal.
  18. In the acid Bessemer process, the hot metal should have the following composition.
  19. During sensible cooling of air, its wet bulb temperature
  20. In a counter flow heat exchanger, hot fluid enters at 170°C & leaves at 150°C, while the cold…
  21. Shrinkage allowance on pattern is provided to compensate for shrinkage when the
  22. Pick out the correct statement.
  23. Evaporative cooling process employs a combination of cooling and humidification in which the
  24. Hot dipping process is used for coating a low melting point metal (e.g. Pb, Sn, Zn) on iron, steel &…
  25. Sudden fall of atmospheric pressure by a large amount is an indication of the
  26. Addition of silicon to cast iron
  27. Corona discharge is related to the operation of a/an
  28. Annealing of cast iron
  29. For an ideal gas, Cp - Cv is
  30. Change in volume of metals from absolute zero temperature to their melting points is