An ideal gas is taken around the cycle ABCA as shown in P-V diagram below: The work done by the gas during the cycle is equal to

A. 12 P1V1

B. 6 P1 V1

C. 3 P1V1

D. P1 V1

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  1. At __________ point, all the three phases (i.e. solid, liquid and gas) co-exist.
  2. Melting of ice is an example of an __________ process.
  3. For a single component two phase mixture, the number of independent variable properties are
  4. Clausius-Clapeyron equation is applicable to __________ equilibrium processes.
  5. Which of the following is not an intensive property?
  6. The equation, (d loge PA/d loge xA) = (d loge PA/d loge xB) applicable to a binary solution of components.…
  7. The intensive properties are
  8. A chemical reaction will occur spontaneously at constant pressure and temperature, if the free energy…
  9. The internal energy of an ideal gas does not change in a reversible __________ process.
  10. The expression for entropy change given by, ΔS = nR ln (V2/V1) + nCv ln (T2/T1) is valid for
  11. Ideal refrigeration cycle is
  12. At the critical point of a substance
  13. A domestic refrigerator has a/an __________ cooled condenser.
  14. At triple point (for one component system), vapour pressure of solid as compared to that of liquid will…
  15. Reduced pressure of a gas is the ratio of its
  16. Lowering of condenser temperature (keeping the evaporator temperature constant) in case of vapour compression…
  17. When pressure is applied on the system, ice ↔ water, then
  18. Change of state namely evaporation condensation, freezing and melting is an __________ process.
  19. PVy = constant, holds good for an isentropic process, which is
  20. Work done is a
  21. An ideal gas is taken around the cycle ABCA as shown in P-V diagram below: The work done by the gas…
  22. Any substance above its critical temperature exists as
  23. If the internal energy of an ideal gas decreases by the same amount as the work done by the system,…
  24. A thermodynamic system is taken from state A to B along ACB and is brought back to A along BDA as shown…
  25. Third law of thermodynamics is concerned with the
  26. Compressibility factor (i.e., the ratio of actual volume of gas to the volume predicted by ideal gas…
  27. When a gas is subjected to adiabatic expansion, it gets cooled due to
  28. If an ideal solution is formed by mixing two pure liquids in any proportion, then the __________ of…
  29. A liquid under pressure greater than its vapour pressure for the temperature involved is called a __________…
  30. Pick out the wrong statement pertaining to the decomposition of PCl5 represented by, PCl5 PCl3 + Cl2.Degree…