An intermittent and non-symmetrical alternating current like that obtained from the secondary winding of an induction coil

A. Faradic current

B. Transient ac current

C. Inductive current

D. Capacitive current

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  1. At parallel resonancea the currents flowing through L and C are
  2. In an ac circuit with inductive reactance ?, the
  3. The potential gradient in a cable is maximum in
  4. What can be used to estimate resonant frequency and to find reactance at any frequency for any value…
  5. In dividing or multiplying phasor quantitiesa ___ form is used.
  6. The voltage lags the current by cycle in a
  7. If two resistances of 9 and 6 are connected in parallela the total resistance is
  8. The open-circuit voltage at the terminal of load RL is 60V. Under the condition of maximum power transfera…
  9. Which statement is true about a passive circuit?
  10. A series RLCcircuit has a ______ power factor at its half-power points
  11. For a linear circuita ___ voltage or current is used to calculate average power.
  12. What is the total resistance of a two equal valued resistors in series?
  13. An inductive circuit of resistance 16.5 and inductance of 0.14 H takes a current of 25 ?. if the frequency…
  14. In a multiple capacitora the plate area is
  15. The capacitor opposes any change in voltage across it by
  16. And ideal current source has an internal conductance of _____ siem
  17. A series RL circuit has R of 10 and XL of 5 a its impedance in rectangular form is given by
  18. For a parallel ACcircuita ___ is used as a reference phasor.
  19. A series-parallel combination of identical resistors will
  20. Permeability is otherwise known as
  21. What determines the magnitude of electric current?
  22. Which of the following combination of length and cross-sectional area will give a certain volume of…
  23. Series resonant circuit is sometimes known as
  24. A capacitor is basically constructed of
  25. At what frequency will an inductor of 5mH have the same reactance as a capacitor of 0.1 F?
  26. The mutual inductance between two coils is ___ the reluctance of magnetic path.
  27. Conventional flow assumes charges flow from
  28. When the movable plates of a gang capacitor completely overlap the fixed platesa the capacitance of…
  29. With double the number of turns by the same length and areaa the inductance is
  30. A 0.09 microfarad capacitor is charged to 220 volts. How long in milliseconds will it discharged resistor…