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  1. When the gas is heated at constant pressure, the heat supplied
  2. The sum of internal energy (U) and the product of pressure and volume (p.v) is known as
  3. The materials having same elastic properties in all directions are called
  4. The value of one bar (in S. I. units) is equal to
  5. A masonry dam may fail due to
  6. In closed cycle gas turbine, the air is compressed
  7. For the constant pressure and heat input, the air standard efficiency of gas power cycle is in the order
  8. If the value of n = 0 in the equation pvn = C, then the process is called
  9. An isothermal process is governed by
  10. Workdone during adiabatic expansion is given by (where p1 v1, T1 = Pressure, volume and temperature…
  11. An open system is one in which
  12. Carnot cycle has maximum efficiency for
  13. Which of the following is an irreversible cycle?
  14. A composite shaft consisting of two stepped portions having spring constants K₁ and K₂…
  15. The following cycle is used for air craft refrigeration
  16. The compression ratio for petrol engines is
  17. The absolute zero pressure can be attained at a temperature of
  18. Which of the following statement is incorrect?
  19. The ratio of root mean square velocity to average velocity of gas molecules at a particular temperature…
  20. The ultimate tensile stress of mild steel compared to ultimate compressive stress is
  21. The strain energy stored in a body due to suddenly applied load compared to when it is applied gradually…
  22. In open cycle gas turbine plants
  23. The atomic mass of oxygen is
  24. The rivets are used for __________ fastenings.
  25. Which of the following is an intensive property of a thermodynamic system?
  26. Otto cycle consists of following four processes
  27. The efficiency of Stirling cycle is __________ Carnot cycle.
  28. The expansion ratio (r) is the ratio of (where v1 = Volume at the beginning of expansion, and v2 = Volume…
  29. The specific heat of water is
  30. The throttling process is __________ process.