An ohm is a unit of

A. potential difference

B. resistance

C. current

D. All the above

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  1. Commonly used safety fuse wire is made of
  2. When a particle in motion is acted upon by a force in a direction perpendicular to the direction of…
  3. Besides protons, the nucleus of an atom contains
  4. An integrated circuit la more advantageous than a conventional circuit because
  5. A convex mirror always produces
  6. A bucket of water is hung from a spring balance. A piece of iron is suspended in the water without touching…
  7. The nuclear model of atom was first visualised by
  8. The base of an electric iron is brightly polished mainly
  9. In the fuse of an electrical installation blows out
  10. When a body is immersed in a fluid the force of buoyancy of the fluid on the body depends on
  11. A person cups his hand around the mouth when shouting. Why?
  12. Before the invention of geostationary satellites, television stations could not transmit their programmes…
  13. The inability of a body to change its state of rest or uniform motion along a straight line is called…
  14. In the electrical circuit of a house the fuse acts as
  15. At what temperature do the Fahrenheit and Celsius scales give the same reading?
  16. A sensitive instrument susceptible to magnetic infiuence can be protected from external magnetic field…
  17. In an oil lamp, holes are provided below the chimney so that
  18. When a whistling engine approaches a person standing on the platform, the frequency or the note
  19. Air escaping rapidly from a narrow orifice in an inflated tyre feels cool because
  20. The enormous energy released in nuclear and thermonuclear reactions is due to conversion of
  21. Alternating Current (AC) is more advantageous than direct current because
  22. The difference between planets and stars is
  23. The Cact that the compass needle does not point true north was observed first by
  24. The acoustical quality of a room depends on
  25. The electroplating of a metallic article
  26. A star contains
  27. When the disturbed electrons of an exited atom transfer back into lower energy levels they emit energy…
  28. A tube light works on the principle of
  29. If a band is played on the moon the sound will
  30. A lactometer la used to