An orphan process is automatically inherited by the _____and becomes a _______ of this process.

A. 'init' process, father

B. 'init' process, child

C. 'initial process, father

D. 'it' process, child

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  1. Pick the wrong statement from the following.
  2. Which one is true for unconditional disk formatting?
  3. What is the function of radio button?
  4. IPC stands for _________
  5. Find out the characteristics of System-oriented names:
  6. When a peripheral device needs immediate attention from the operating system, it generates a(n)
  7. A two-byte integer called ____________is interpreted as an index into an array of inodes in a fixed,…
  8. PVM stands for
  9. Ext2 is the standard file system of _______ and uses a block size of_____bytes
  10. In Multics, a process could have up to 256K segments, but each segment was limited to ___________ 64K…
  11. Because the I/O devices are not synchronized with the CPU, some information must be exchanged between…
  12. Bootstrapping is also known as ______
  13. The _________takes any characters from standard input, and then echoes them to standard output.
  14. The controller can access memory in memory cycles which are not used by the particular bank of memory…
  15. An unauthorized party inserts counterfeit objects into the system is called_________________
  16. What is dispatch latency?
  17. Having data belonging to two independent processes in the same page is called____________.
  18. All of the following are TRUE regarding virtual memory EXCEPT
  19. What do you mean by 0-reliable level in multicast communication?
  20. __ is the program run on a computer when the computer boots up
  21. A shared memory segment first needs to be allocated (create, using the__________ system call.
  22. The command used to create logical drive for specific location of disk
  23. BSD stands for_____________________
  24. The primary purpose of an operating system is:
  25. A process may create a new process by executing ___________system call.
  26. In the case of____________, message remains in the senders address space until the receiver executes…
  27. Choose the correct statement from the following.
  28. _____________typically contains temporary data such as subroutine parameter, return address, and temporary…
  29. In ____________ location policies a random node is polled to check its state and the task is transferred…
  30. ______________is a mechanism the prevents two or more processes from accessing a shared resource simultaneously.