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  1. For a reversible process involving only pressure-volume work
  2. Pick out the wrong statement.
  3. When a system is in equilibrium for all possible processes, the differential or finite change of entropy…
  4. Maximum work that could be secured by expanding the gas over a given pressure range is the __________…
  5. Compressibility factor (i.e., the ratio of actual volume of gas to the volume predicted by ideal gas…
  6. The amount of heat required to decompose a compound into its elements is __________ the heat of formation…
  7. In a reversible chemical reaction (where, Δx = number of moles of products-number of moles of reactants)
  8. In an ideal gas mixture, fugacity of a species is equal to its
  9. Degrees of freedom at triple point will be
  10. For an exothermic reaction
  11. Isobaric process means a constant process.
  12. The number of degrees of freedom for a mixture of ice and water (liquid) are
  13. Specific __________ does not change during phase change at constant temperature and pressure.
  14. The ammonia synthesis reaction represented by N2 + 3H2 2NH3; ΔH = - 22.4 kcal, is
  15. The necessary condition for phase equilibrium in a multiphase system of N components is that the
  16. Dry ice is
  17. At absolute zero temperature, the __________ of the gas is zero.
  18. Ideal gas law is applicable at
  19. __________ explains the equilibrium constant for any chemical reaction.
  20. For the reversible exothermic reaction, N2 + 3H2 2NH3, increase of pressure would
  21. Heat of reaction at constant volume is identified with __________ change.
  22. __________ calorimeter is normally used for measuring the dryness fraction of steam, when it is very…
  23. For an ideal gas, the enthalpy
  24. Fugacity and pressure are numerically equal, when the gas is
  25. A system undergoes a change from a given initial state to a given final state either by an irreversible…
  26. The extensive properties are
  27. Which of the following is not a reversible process?
  28. If we increase the pressure on a substance (which is at its triple point), then the triple point
  29. Work done in an adiabatic process between two states depends on the
  30. Filling of gas from a high pressure cylinder into small bottles is an example of a/an __________ process.