Any type of storage that is used for holding information between steps in its processing is


B. Primary storage

C. Intermediate storage

D. Internal storage

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  1. Which is not a computer of first generation?
  2. Computer system comprises of major units
  3. A kind of serial dot-matrix printer that forms characters with magnetically-charged ink sprayed dots…
  4. The two kinds of main memory are:
  5. Which of the following is the most quickly accessible storage?
  6. What is the other name for programmed chip?
  7. What are the stages in the compilation process?
  8. Dot-matrix is a type of
  9. In most IBM PCs, the CPU, the device drives, memory expansion slots and active components are mounted…
  10. Signals can be analog or digital and a computer that processes the both type of signals is known as
  11. Which of the following is not anti-viruses software?
  12. What is the name of an application program that gathers user information and sends it to someone through…
  13. Which was the most popular first generation computer?
  14. How was the generation of computer classified?
  15. First generation computers used _________ for memory
  16. ________ are used for plotting graphs and design on papers
  17. Access time is
  18. Magnetic tape can serve as
  19. Who is the father of Computer science?
  20. Which of the following memories has the shortest access times?
  21. Any method for controlling access to or use of memory is known
  22. First generation computers used_____ for memory
  23. A term used to describe interconnected computer configuration is
  24. The tracks on a disk which can be accessed without repositioning the R/W heads is
  25. Binary circuit elements have
  26. Which of the following is an example of fifth generation computer?
  27. All of the following are examples of storage devices EXCEPT:
  28. WAN stands for
  29. Computer instructions written with the use of English words instead of binary machine code is called
  30. Magnetic disk is an example of