AppleTalk protocol configures hosts in zones on the network.

A. True.

B. False.

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  1. How many 64-Kbps channels are used on an ISDN BRI?
  2. Which field in Domain Name System message format specifies the class of query?
  3. T1 makes up 24 channels.
  4. Which is the port used by HTTPS?
  5. What is the address identified when socket is available at each end of TCP?
  6. _________ is a type of domain name queries.
  7. What is the pattern of a preamble?
  8. Which layer of the OSI model does a switch operate in?
  9. What layer of the OSI protocol reference model does a bridge operate under?
  10. ADSL uses high-speed Internet service phone lines
  11. ________is a multicast extension to OSPF Version 2.
  12. Which is the port used by HTTPS?
  13. Which of the following protocol is used by Integrated Services for signaling of the reservation messages?
  14. Which piece of equipment operates at both the data-link and network layers?
  15. Destination physical address in ARP request is a ………………………….address.
  16. A network's Internet connection uses a 128-Kbps Basic Rate Interface (BRI). What type of connection…
  17. Which of the following protocols is described in RFC 793?
  18. In Integrated services model, ________ corresponds to token bucket filter.
  19. What does a patch cable connect to within an Ethernet network?
  20. Internet e-mail system based on the ……………………………………………..
  21. Which of the following can provide a backbone network of 600 meters in length without using repeaters?
  22. Which of the following protocols are considered unreliable or connectionless?
  23. The special address 'THIS HOST' is referred to as
  24. Which of the following versions will replace IPv4 Internet layer?
  25. What is the maximum frame size of a frame relay?
  26. The key concern in the design of transmission system is -------------- and ---------------
  27. What is the maximum length of twisted-pair cable before a signal booster is needed? Select all that…
  28. Select the class C IP address from the following:
  29. Which of the following is currently a de facto standard, commonly used for point-to-point serial connections…
  30. Internet Architecture Board (IAB) governs which of the following bodies?