Archaeopteryx called a connecting link, carried the characters, of

A. reptile and bird

B. reptile and mammals

C. fish and amphibia

D. reptile and amphibia

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  1. Echis carinata is known as
  2. Animals belonging to order Rodentia have
  3. A definite number of body segments is found in
  4. Archaeopteryx called a connecting link, carried the characters, of
  5. A limbless amphibian is
  6. The biggest phylum in regard to the number of species is
  7. According to Aristotle's classification, animals were divided into
  8. Monotremata is a group of animals which includes
  9. Which of the group has no member having gliding or flying appendages ?
  10. Which of the following is not correctly matched ?
  11. Which of the following does not show J metamerism ?
  12. A cuttle fish belongs to
  13. Which one of the following is found in chordates but not in non-chordates
  14. Ophiosaurus commonly known as glass snake is a
  15. Which of the following animals has a diaphragm between the thorax and abdomen ?
  16. Character common in spider, cockroach and centipede is
  17. Spider is not included under class insects because of
  18. The main basis of classification of Phylum Protozoa is
  19. A natural system of classification is based upon
  20. The generic name of peacock is
  21. Limulus, the king-crab, is the only living representative of the order xiphosura belonging to the phylum
  22. One of these is a metatherian mammal
  23. Which of the following is not a correct taxonomic match ?
  24. Largest animals belong to class
  25. Dolphins are classified under
  26. Which of the following shows deuteros- I tome condition ?
  27. Antedon belongs to class
  28. Which one is characteristic for birds ?
  29. Apart from mammals, the other group of animals maintaining high and constant body temperature is
  30. A pearl oyster belongs to class