________ are high-end printers

A. Inkjet

B. Laser

C. Thermal

D. Dot matrix

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  1. Which of the following code used in present day computing was developed by IBM Corporation?
  2. Personal computers use a number of chips mounted on a main circuit board. What is the common name for…
  3. A computer program that converts an entire program into machine language at one time is called a/an
  4. Which of the following is not a class based on size?
  5. Which of the following computer language is used for artificial intelligence?
  6. In most IBM PCs, the CPU, the device drives, memory expansion slots and active components are mounted…
  7. Which of the following is an example of fifth generation computer?
  8. Programs designed to perform specific tasks is known as
  9. Touch Screen is________
  10. Computer professionals working in a computer centre are
  11. Which is not a basic function of a computer?
  12. A computer system that is old and perhaps not satisfactory is referred to as a(n)
  13. The first Macintosh computer was from
  14. A storage area used to store data to a compensate for the difference in speed at which the different…
  15. A set of rods where numbers were carved and used for multiplication and division aids is known as
  16. RAM is also called as
  17. Which unit is known as nerve center of computer?
  18. Chief component of first generation computer was
  19. The two kinds of main memory are:
  20. What was the first computer to perform all calculation using electronics rather than wheels, ratchets,…
  21. Who invented vacuum tubes?
  22. IBM 1401 is the first computer to enter in Nepal. It belonged to
  23. When was vacuum tube invented?
  24. ________ are used to identify a user who returns to a Website
  25. In what respect human beings are superior to computers?
  26. How many numbers could ENIAC store in its internal memory
  27. Which statement is valid about computer program?
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    Who is the inventor of Difference Engine?
  29. An application suitable for sequential processing is
  30. An application program that helps the user to change any number and immediately see the result of that…