Aryl benzene sulphonate (ABS) is a

A. Detergent

B. Plasticiser for unsaturated polyester

C. Starting material for the synthesis of glycerine

D. Coating ingredient for photographic film

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  1. Hydrazine is used in water treatment for the removal of
  2. Main constituents of cotton fiber is
  3. Fermentation of molasses to produce ethyl alcohol is done at __________ °C.
  4. Styrene is produced from ethyl benzene by the process of
  5. Pick out the wrong statement.
  6. A cane sugar factory having sugar production rate of 10 tons/day will produce about __________ tons/day…
  7. The metallic aluminium is obtained from pure alumina in the presence of fused cryolite by
  8. Magnesium and calcium __________ cause temporary hardness of water.
  9. Sugar content in sugarcane on cane basis is about __________ percent by weight.
  10. In nylon-66, the first and second numbers (i.e., 6) respectively designate the number of carbon atoms…
  11. The amount of benzene present in pure Benzol is about __________ percent.
  12. Which of the following is not produced commercially from sea water?
  13. Saponification value/number of an oil or fat is a measure of its
  14. The most reactive allotropic form of phosphorus is __________ phosphorus.
  15. Coal tar is used as a
  16. Chemical name of aspirin (an analgesic drug) is
  17. Average sulphur content in Indian pyrites is about __________ percent.
  18. Metallic soap is __________ salt of fatty acids.
  19. Most widely and commonly used coagulant for the removal of suspended impurities in water is
  20. Silicone is a/an
  21. Out of the following processes of paper pulp manufacture, the maximum corrosion problem in digestion…
  22. Which of the following is a disaccharide?
  23. Margarine is a/an
  24. Potassium is kept & transported under
  25. Flux addition during smelting of ore is done to
  26. Pick out the endothermic reaction out of the following.
  27. Varnish does not contain
  28. Molecular weight of plastics ranges from
  29. Oxidation of ortho-xylene in presence of __________ catalyst is done to produce phthalic anhydride on…
  30. The process used for the manufacture of ethyl alcohol from molasses is