As compared to diskettes, the hard disks are

A. More expensive

B. More portable

C. Less rigid

D. Slowly accessed

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  1. A collection of related instructions organized for a common purpose is referred to as
  2. Most important advantage of an IC is its
  3. A computer program that converts an entire program into machine language is called a/an
  4. In most of the IBM PCs, the CPU, the device drivers, memory, expansion slots and active components are…
  5. A typical personal computer used for business purposes would have of RAM.
  6. Binary numbers need more places for counting because
  7. RATS stand for
  8. FORTRAN is a programming language. What does FORTRAN stand for?
  9. A hard copy would be prepared on a
  10. The term referring to evacuating the content of some part of the machine is known as
  11. A hybrid computer
  12. The commonly used standard data code to represent alphabetical, numerical and punctuation characters…
  13. IBM 1401 is
  14. Who invented the microprocessor?
  15. Before a disk drive can access any sector record, a computer program has to provide the records disk…
  16. When was the first electro-mechanical computer developed?
  17. Which of the following is not a primary storage device?
  18. The word processing task associated with changing the appearance of a document is
  19. Which language is directly understood by the computer without translation program?
  20. Which was the world's first microcomputer that used Intel 80386 microprocessor chip?
  21. The most important advantage of a video disk is
  22. John Napier invented Logarithm in
  23. UNIVAC is
  24. Which generation of computer is still under development
  25. MICR stands for
  26. Hard disk is coated in both sides with
  27. Which of the following is first generation of computer?
  28. Which of the following is not an input device?
  29. On a PC, how much memory is available to application software?
  30. A storage system for small amounts of data is