Atomic number of an element in the periodic table represents the numbers of

A. Protons in the nucleus

B. Electrons in the nucleus

C. Neutrons in the nucleus

D. Electrons in the atom

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  1. A moderator generally used in nuclear power plants is
  2. The fast breeder reactor uses the following moderator
  3. The presence of reflector in nuclear power plants results in
  4. A nuclear fission produces energy of following order in MeV
  5. The most practical fuel for a thermonuclear reactor, both from economical and nuclear consideration…
  6. The nuclear energy is measured as
  7. In order to have constant chain reaction to produce a constant rate of heat output, the value of ratio…
  8. A pressurised water reactor employs pressurises for the following application
  9. The energy released during the fission of one atom of Uranium 235 in million electron volts is about
  10. Which of the following can be used as a coolant in nuclear plant?
  11. For economical operation of a nuclear plant
  12. A fission chain reaction in uranium can be developed by
  13. The unit of radioactivity is
  14. Enriched uranium may contain fissionable contents of the order of
  15. Pressurised water reactor is designed
  16. The coolant used in boiling water reactor is
  17. U₂₃₃ is produced
  18. In triggering fission, which types of neutrons are more effective?
  19. U233 is produced
  20. Electron volt is the unit of
  21. Which of the following is more appropriate for a moderator? One which
  22. Which of the following is the heaviest?
  23. The mass number of a substance represents the sum of total number of
  24. Which of the following is the primary fuel?
  25. A fast breeder reactor uses following as fuel
  26. A boiling water reactor uses following as fuel
  27. In a fission process, maximum percentage of energy is released as
  28. Boiling water reactor uses the following as moderator, coolant and working fluid
  29. Each fission of U₂₃₅ produces following number of fast neutrons per fission
  30. Plutonium is produced