Atoms which have the same atomic number but different mass numbers are called

A. isobars

B. isomers

C. isotones

D. isotopes

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  1. X-rays are used
  2. The asteroids belt lies between the orbits of
  3. You want a supply of a small but constant current. Which of the following cells will you prefer?
  4. It is more difficult to walk on ice than on a concrete road because
  5. To produce beats it is necessary to have two waves
  6. A transformer
  7. The plants in a greenhouse are enclosed in a glass enclosure because
  8. Tap water is placed in an open pad and allowed to evaporate. After some time the temperature of water
  9. The SI unit of electric current is
  10. To get 5 images of a single object one should have two plane mirrors inclined at an angle of
  11. Echoes are produced by
  12. The strength of an electromagnet can be increased by
  13. A sensitive instrument susceptible to magnetic infiuence can be protected from external magnetic field…
  14. The maximum displacement of the particle in a mechanical wave motion is known as
  15. Increase in pressure
  16. A stone floor feels cold to the bare feet but a carpet on the same floor feels warm. This is because
  17. When the velocity of a body is halved
  18. The body of an electrical appliance is earthed in order that
  19. The colour or an opaque object is due to the colour it
  20. The brightest star visible to the naked eye is
  21. The rate of cooling of a hot body depends on
  22. A series of east moving still pictures can be made to appear as a moving picture because the eye
  23. A body has fallen from a height. Just before touching the pound it has
  24. The ballistic missile, Agni 11, tested by India has a maximum range of
  25. We see the flash of lightning before hearing the thunder because
  26. A balloon ruled with hydrogen will
  27. The radius of curvature of a spherical mirror is
  28. A hunter on the ground wishes to shoot a bird on a tree at a distance with his rifle. He has to point…
  29. Frictional force acts in
  30. Tea pots are highly polished