Baldness is seen only in the males because

A. it is a male disorder

B. it is linked with male Y chromosome

C. it is influenced by male hormone

D. females cover it up with wigs

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  1. Typhoid is a disease caused by
  2. The 'father of genetics' is
  3. Biocatalysts are
  4. Vaccine for influenza has been discovered by
  5. Nephantis is popularly called
  6. The oldest era is
  7. Which among the following may carry rabies?
  8. Spontaneous generation signifying the development of living organisms from non-living has been termed
  9. The hormone that contains iodine is
  10. The term 'Fauna' means
  11. Tse-Tse fly is the vector for
  12. Which element in chillies causes burning sensations?
  13. The life cycle of Malarial Parasite consists of two phases in man. Where do they occur?
  14. The disease Goitre is caused in persons who do not have in their diet sufficient
  15. Antibodies are formed in
  16. Plants growing in sunlight are called
  17. Cancer cells are more easily damaged by radiation than normal cells because they are
  18. Pulse rate is measured in the wrist by observing the jerks of blood In the
  19. Biologists have so far known, found and identified a large number of species in the plant and animal…
  20. Maintenance of pregnancy is under the control of
  21. In case of a heart attack a hormone is injected as an emergency measure. Which one is it?
  22. The blood clotting requires the vitamin
  23. Sadabahar, a common weed, is the raw material that provides the source of medicines used In the treatment…
  24. The function of connective tissue is
  25. Colour vision is made possible by the cells in the retina called
  26. Mendel chose for his experiments the plant
  27. What is an antigen?
  28. The enzyme that is necessary to bring about clotting of blood is
  29. It Is not advisable to sleep under a tree at night because of release of
  30. Vitamin D is known as anti-rachitic vitamin because it cures the deficiency disease called