Basic is _____ language.

A. a procedural

B. an object oriented

C. both A and B

D. none of the above

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  1. How many numbers could ENIAC store in its internal memory
  2. In which language is source program written?
  3. When was Apple Macintosh II microcomputer introduced in the market?
  4. FORTRAN is
  5. Which of the following is a secondary memory device?
  6. Which of the following produces the best quality graphics reproduction?
  7. Which of the following is not an output device?
  8. A compiler means
  9. An application suitable for sequential processing is
  10. MSI stands for
  11. Which of the following memories allows simultaneous read and write operations?
  12. The advantage of COM are its __ and __
  13. Which is a semi conductor memory?
  14. Which is a unit representing the no bits of discrete.
  15. Which computers used operating systems by Microsoft?
  16. The qualitative or quantitative attribute of a variable or set of variables is termed as
  17. Which of the following have the fastest access time?
  18. For which of the following computers can't be used?
  19. Which of the following is related to fifth generation computers?
  20. Servers are computers that provide resources to other computers connected to a:
  21. The first general purpose electronic digital computer in the world was
  22. Which method is used to connect a remote computer?
  23. Which of the following is considered first computer in the world?
  24. Which of the following is not an XT microprocessor?
  25. A hybrid computer
  26. Who invented the high level language C?
  27. When was the worlds first laptop computer introduced in the market and by whom?
  28. A name applied by Intel corp. to high speed MOS technology is called
  29. In which year was chip used inside the computer for the first time?
  30. A pen shaped device which can sense light, and is used to point at spots on a video screen.