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  1. Which of the following compound steam engine requires a smaller flywheel?
  2. Benson boiler requires
  3. The air pressure at the fuel bed is reduced below that of atmosphere by means of a fan placed at or…
  4. The ratio of the useful heat drop to the isentropic heat drop is called
  5. Pick up wrong statement about desired properties of a good fuel
  6. Clearance ratio is the ratio of
  7. Fusible plug for boilers is made of fusible metal containing tin, lead, and
  8. The length of shell of a Locomotive boiler is
  9. Stage efficiency is also known as
  10. The economiser is used in boilers to
  11. The high pressure and low pressure cylinders in a Woolf type compound engine are regarded as having…
  12. The pressure of steam in the engine cylinder at the beginning of the stroke is ________ the boiler pressure.
  13. At critical point, i.e. p = 225.65 kg/cm², the latent enthalpy of vaporisation is
  14. In locomotives, the draught is produced by
  15. The amount of water evaporated in kg per kg of fuel burnt is called
  16. Secondary air is the air used to
  17. Orsat meter is used for
  18. Efficiency of a thermal cycle increases by
  19. The steam temperature with increase in load in case of a boiler fitted with radiation superheater
  20. A compound steam engine in which piston rods of high pressure and low pressure cylinders ' are attached…
  21. Which is not correct statement about effect of sulphur in fuel?
  22. In a reaction turbine when the degree of reaction is zero, then there is
  23. Steam engine operates on
  24. The bituminous coal is no caking if its carbon content is
  25. The working pressure range for a LaMont boiler is
  26. The velocity of steam leaving the nozzle (V) is given by (where K = Nozzle coefficient or nozzle efficiency,…
  27. The diameter of Cornish boiler varies from
  28. The basic purpose of drum in boiler is to
  29. The dry saturated steam at very low pressure, (510 kg/cm²) when throttled to atmosphere will become
  30. The water tubes in a Babcock and Wilcox boiler are