Binomial nomenclature means

A. one name given by two scientists.

B. one scientific name consisting of a generic and specific epithet.

C. two names, one latinized, other of a person.

D. two names of same plant.

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  1. Genus represents
  2. Two plants can be conclusively said to belong to the same species if they
  3. In angiosperm, characters of flowers are used in classification because
  4. Families are characterized on which of the following features of plant species?
  5. One of the most important functions of botanical gardens is that
  6. Which of the following statement(s) is/are correct for Metabolsim ?
  7. Study the following statements and select the correct description of botanical garden.(i) Plant species…
  8. Which of the following statements are not correct ?(i) Lower the taxon, more are the characteristics…
  9. Herbarium is a
  10. Match the common name given in column I with their taxonomic category family given in column II and…
  11. Match column-I with column-II and choose the correct combination from the options given below.Column-IColumn-IIA.…
  12. Which of the following statements is incorrect?
  13. Statement 1: Information given on the label of herbarium sheets does not include family.Statement 2:…
  14. Which of the following aspects is an exclusive characteristic of living things ?
  15. X being a higher category is the assemblage of families which exhibit a few Y characters. The Z characters…
  16. Which of the following statements are correct?(i) Genus comprises a group of related species.(ii) Taxon…
  17. Which of the following term is used to refer the number of varieties of plants and animals on earth…
  18. The famous botanical garden Kew is located in
  19. Couplet represents the choice made between two opposite options which results in
  20. Which of the following shows the correct example of taxonomic category - Genus?
  21. Which of the following taxonomic category of housefly is incorrectly matched?
  22. Which of the following are unique features of living organisms?
  23. The common characteristics between tomato and potato will be maximum at the level of their__________.
  24. Which one of the following is the first step in taxonomy ?
  25. Taxon is a
  26. The sum total of all the chemical reactions occurring in our body is known as
  27. Each statement in the key is called _______.
  28. Which of the following characters given below displays the description of lowest taxonomic category…
  29. If an organism is in the same class but not in the same family then it may belong to same
  30. Cell division occurs _______ in plants and _______ in animals.